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Your Window on the World (WOW)

Prices quoted are examples. All contracts are bid individually
and vary. We cater to small businesses on a tight budget!

Basic Starter Site:
Up to 8 pages, 10 scans or image resizing etc, creation of all necessary links, etc. Starting at $400. Includes one year hosting and domain name.

Basic Silver Site:
Up to 15 pages, 20 scans or image resizing etc, creation of all necessary links, etc. Starting at $650. Includes one year hosting and domain name.

Standard Gold Site:
Up to 25 pages, 25 scans or image resizing etc, creation of all necessary links, CGI scripts for forms, etc. Starting at $950. Includes one year hosting and domain name.

Premiere Platinum Site:
Up to 40 pages, 60 scans or image resizing etc, creation of all necessary links, etc. Includes one year hosting and domain name. E-mail for quotes on Premiere sites.

These prices are approximate, actual quotes can vary slightly depending on the individual site and owner's desires. Images submitted in digital form always accepted in lieu of scans needed and will save a little on overall bid price. Animations or other specialty items designed at owner's request are priced separately. Streaming and E-commerce sites hosting starts at $25 monthly.

Visa, MasterCard & Pay Pal Accepted

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A "page" consists of the amount of type, photographs, etc. that can be fitted into a regular size sheet of paper (8-1/2" x 11" up to 12"). Changes in web sites following the purchase are billed at $20 per hour for labor, includes all necessary scans or image resizing etc. Maintenance packages start at $200 annual.

Your pages can consist of an order form that customers can print on their home computer and mail in to order products. Photos of products, your place of business, examples of your work, etc. can all be included. We can use your current logos and slogans or design new ones to suit the site.

It is wise to include 800 numbers used for ordering directly at your company and/or a printable form rather than trying to build a "secure" site unless you are prepared for the expense. Even today with e-commerce rapidly growing many people are still uncomfortable ordering online. Some secure server sites often require $30 monthly hosting fees and additional costs for shopping carts and certificates, which vary but can start at about $20 per month in addition to other charges. Some will even want a percentage of your sales. Our shopping cart and secure hosting prices start at $25 per month hosting and from $400 on cart design and setup. We do not charge percentages on sales. Consult with us about secure server and our rates for this service. It's advisable to build traffic (numbers of visitors) to your site prior to adding the expense of secure server, but this can be set up should you so desire. In general for the first six months to one year e-commerce expenses fail to pay for themselves, which is why many new e-commerce sites fail. We want your site ownership to be a pleasing experience. If you don't benefit from your site, you won't need our services. It's that simple.

Our specialty is custom design of fast-loading pages that give the visitor ease of navigation throughout your site.

Our prices for Flash, Streaming and other specialty items are extremely reasonable.

KEEP THIS IN MIND...Tips for a really good internet presence

Build It For Speed of Load Time

It's a fact of modern life - people are in a hurry. Nowhere is that more true than on the Internet. It seems that no matter how much the technology improves, nothing is ever fast enough.

You have between 10 and 30 seconds to capture your potential customer's attention. If they can not at least begin to read about your product in that much time, they will be headed away from your site and your message is lost - and your money wasted.

To minimize your load time, we keep graphics small. We use flashy technology like Javascript, Streaming Audio/Video, and animation sparingly and only if it is important to your presentation.

Tune in to Your Market

Make certain that your site caters to your customer's needs. It is critical that your site reflect the values of your potential customers. A clean and professional site or a fun one, depending on subject and product, will tune your site to their preferences. All the fancy bells and whistles won't do you any good if your customer has to wade through a 10 minute upload of Flash just to order your products.

You must be Credible

The most professionally designed site won't sell your products if your customers don't believe in you. The impersonal nature of the Internet breeds a certain level of mistrust. For your web site to be successful you must say who you are and how to contact you in every possible way from address to phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

A clear privacy statement is another way to build your credibility. Every commercial web site should have a privacy statement posted on line. Provide a prominent link to your privacy statement from every page on the site as well as from any location that you are asking your visitors for personal information.

Offer A Guarantee

Offer an ironclad, no exceptions money back guarantee. Eliminate any risk for your customers. If the customer sees that your are willing to assume all of the risk, they will immediately be more inclined to trust you.

Make Payment Easy

Offer a variety of payment methods for your customer. Provide an address for those who prefer to pay by cash, check or money order. Not everyone is content to order online and mail in orders are a good idea to start with, especially until you can justify the expense of a shopping cart with enough traffic to pay for it.

Simple Navigation

Sites navigation must be easy. If your customer cannot navigate your site to find what they want, they will go elsewhere. Simple navigation selections should be on every page in the site and no page should be so jumbled one can't find easily anything one needs.


Make sure the site is consistent in look, feel and design. Nothing is more jarring and disturbing to a customer than feeling as if they have just gone to another site. Keep colors and themes constant throughout the site. A color for every page only works for fun sites where the desire is to entertain, not sell a product.

Design for Keyword Search Engines

Most Internet users find what they are looking for via the top search engines. Make sure that your page is designed to maximize your placement. Focus on your keywords and keyword density but don't sacrifice your message. Utilize the Meta tag keywords, description and title. Use your keywords when naming your pages. Keywords can also be attached to artwork on pages for added emphasis.

Make sure you add your new web address (URL) to all business cards and letterhead immediately. We launch all our sites with the major search engines, but you can promote your site as well with these simple steps. Now days social media is also a huge benefit. Sites like Facebook and Pinterest can add greatly to traffic when used properly. We can help you get going setting these up as well.

Content - Content - Content

Good content sells product. Your copy must convey quickly to your potential customer the message that your product is just what they're looking for. Instructions, information on how to use products, etc. should all be incorporated into the site. Giving people who have bought your product a place to leave comments is also an excellent way to get good reviews to work for you.

Once the site is close to going live, sit down and read every word and line carefully in the proof links we will send (or whoever is designing your site). Incorrectly spelled words or error in statements are an indication of a lack of professionalism. We work very hard to insure that all copy is done correctly, but we are all human.

And finally...

Lastly, select someone you feel you can work with to create the site. Share your vision of what you want and need, then allow the designer to assist you. But be open to suggestion. That fancy Flash entry may be just what you like, but your site visitors don't all own fast computers or have high speed internet and one lost will not likely return to a slow-loading site. Your site is an extremely personal thing and it reflects you, your business and product. Putting your best foot forward for the world to see will open your Window on the World.

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